“A splendid fantasy story

...about leadership, war, loyalty … and the meaning of life.”

Author of Lion’s Heart and Lion’s Soul (Baen Books)
Co-author of Shadow’s Son (with S.M. Stirling and Shirley Meier)

“This is the tale of Fourth Chevenga Shae-Arano-e, a hero who has known since childhood that he will die at the hands of an assassin, cut off in his prime. He responds by living as intensely and brilliantly as possible, so as to cram a whole lifetime of experience into the short time he has... The story reads like fantasy; technology is mostly archaic, and there are hints of magic in places. But the background is actually science fiction: the far-future attempt of a world to rebuild itself after a devastating apocalypse.” - Elizabeth Barrette. First review from Author News (site now defunct), second review here.

***** The best serial I have read so far online… more than once I’ve laughed out loud or gotten watery-eyed.” - Capriox @ Web Fiction Guide

“A meticulous, engaging, immersive tale that balances the epic with the slice-of-life with uncanny skill.” - Michael Thedford in the comments.

Dear new reader:
Never read the traditionally-published Chevenga books? The Philosopher in Arms starts here. It is complete, and I am in the process of sectioning it off into novel-length works for e-book publication, but it is still set up for continuous reading.

If you have read my novels Lion's Heart and Lion's Soul (New York: Baen Books, 1991) before, and want to go straight to the new novel which is the result of the changed ending, delete the epilogue of Lion's Soul in your mind and start reading asa kraiya : beyond the sword, which is also complete, here. I actually recommend reading The Philosopher in Arms first, though, since readers of both tell me it's much better than the dead-tree originals.

Anardika, the sequel to asa kraiya, is on hold for now, but I have written the first few chapters so as to answer one burning question I left hang. Other Fifth Millennium stories are also on hold.

Note: this work contains adult material. If you are under 18, please come back on your 18th birthday. There will be more to enjoy by then.

Note re account creation: Due to an unbelievable onslaught of spam fake user accounts, I've turned off auto-account creation. To create an account (which you have to do to become a beta-reader for I, Alexander or access the premium content) you now need to email me - hearth at xplornet dot com - with username and password ready.

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