Ch. 002 Teaser : I can just be myself

“You don’t know how it was for your father.”

Most of what passed before I was old enough to follow, I learned from the men of his time arguing with me when I was old enough to have opinions. “That’s why he is not sacred to you! We can tell you until our breath dies in our lungs, but that is not the same as living it. You grew up knowing nothing but victory, and more and more beautiful things sent back for you to enjoy. He was a hostage when he was a boy, do you know that? Twice, he was a hostage, that’s how weak we were.”

Courtroom drama

I don't know whether it's because of the Oscar Pistorius trial happening right now (have you ever wished so fervently that truth-drug existed in real life?) or what, but I got the hankering to put into one blogpost all the scenes in which Chevenga is, for one reason or another, in court. And the scenes surrounding them.

Waiver: By reading further and especially clicking links you hereby consent to significant and major story spoilerage.

Disclaimer: IANALBIHGCWA (I am not a lawyer but I have great characters who are).

"All rise..."

The blow that fate has struck upon you (Chevenga's theme song)

Long ago I wrote a longish blogpost about the music I listen to while writing. It's been many things over many years, mostly in the progressive rock/jazz/fusion/new age/world areas. I love music and... while I guess I could write without it, I would never want to. Music blasting into my head from the phones is part of what powers my creativity.

Do you read historical, or are you strictly into science fiction/fantasy?

Ch. 001 - Only his mother knows who his father is

Between incarnate lives, our souls fly free of this miserable stuff with all its demands—sex, sleep, food, water, safety from death—and so live in the Elysian Fields, free of all fear and pain. The feeling of that place is the most utterly encompassing sense of all things being well, everywhere and eternally; I remember it, though sometimes in my life, most of it, really, I lost it. It’s coming closer again now.

My Muskoka Novel Marathon 2014: planned!

Yesss! I've solved my what-to-write-at-the-Novel-Marathon-this-year problem.

Note: if you are a Muskoka Novel Marathon judge in the Adult category who wants to maintain manuscript anonymity, please do not click on the spoiler button below.

Everyone else, please do.

The adventures of SHEvengrrrl : what if Chevenga were female?

Late-joining reader and patron J corresponds with me by email, giving me his reactions as he works his way through the story. (As I write he’s around PA post 538.) About a week ago he asked me, “Did you ever think about making Che female?” No criticism intended, he added, just a fun thought.

Prologue - The Gods know the name of the man who will kill you

σαυτὸν ἴσθι (“Know/be yourself.”)
-Eighth of the Delphic Maxims (per Sosiades)


I don’t know who among the horse-warriors yelled it. I looked. Against a clear blue sky, puffed here and there with pleasant clouds, a flock of long black things moved, mostly parallel. They were dreamlike, being something I’d never seen in my twelve years and so outside my comprehension.

I, Alexander

This is where I'm posting however much of I, Alexander I write before I set up the new website, at (nothing there yet, no point clicking).

The story of Alexander the Great, with Alexander as narrator... three books planned, but who knows how long it'll actually get. There's a lot of story there.

Book I, working title The Gift of the Gods, is the Alexander bildungsroman, birth to age 20.

004 - The changes might cause upheaval

“Virani-e? Are you all right? Kyash, we’ve shocked him again, curse it—shut up!”

I’d never heard Marhin say that to them before, and it did something to bring me out of it. “I’m fine,” I said. “I’m fine... you can heal that... how?”

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