Possible title change - what do you think?

Alex is somewhat psychic... if he gets a premonition that Philip will be assassinated, what should he do?

You have to ask!? Warn him, of course! The Gods hear!
50% (3 votes)
Assume it's his mom and try to talk her out of it.
0% (0 votes)
Tell Philip's Seven and other Companions to go on red alert.
33% (2 votes)
Speed up his quiet conspiring in preparation for takeover.
17% (1 vote)
Lie in bed sweating uselessly every night, wrestling over what to do, until it happens.
0% (0 votes)
Say to Tion, "Pass the popcorn."
0% (0 votes)
Say to Tion, "Pass the popcorn," but feel guilty about it.
0% (0 votes)
More than one of the above, explained in comment or email
0% (0 votes)
Something else completely, explained in comment or email
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 6

From Alexander: "What should I do about Philip?" (Anyone want to change their vote after Ch 31?)

Assassinate him and take over, yesterday. The Gods will understand.
56% (5 votes)
Hang tough and keep learning from him. He's still a great King.
0% (0 votes)
Quietly conspire in preparation to take over on his inevitable demise.
11% (1 vote)
Cold-cock him and put him in rehab... wait -- that hasn't been invented yet???
22% (2 votes)
Leave home and find a kingdom somewhere else.
0% (0 votes)
Develop a drinking problem yourself.
0% (0 votes)
Other, explained in comment
11% (1 vote)
Total votes: 9

Muskoka Novel Marathon 2015 fundraising results FINAL - $32,226.53

This isn't all the writers, alas, only those who could make it to the wrap-up. I'm the one with my hands on the cheque.

Quoting the final press release I sent out (Sept 20, 2015)

Novel Marathon cracks $32,000, Best Novelists honoured

The final total of funds raised by the 2015 Muskoka Novel Marathon for adult literacy in Huntsville is $32,226.53.

Muskoka Novel Marathon 2015 writing plan

Tonight at 8 p.m. EDT, the Muskoka Novel Marathon begins, and I along with 39 other writers will indulge in a 72-hour creative spree, pushing ourselves to produce work unprecedented in both quantity and quality.

Last year I wrote a continuous section of I, Alexander entitled "The City of Purple," about the siege of Tyre, as an entry into the Best Novel contest (and almost won).

Tolerance for disorientation

This blogpost is offered in explanation for why I haven't written a word of a certain book about a certain conqueror since inducing and in some cases pretty much press-ganging several people into becoming beta-readers for it.

Some time ago, my friendly neighbourhood spirit guides told me, "The speed of your transformation is determined by your degree of tolerance for disorientation."

(I can see Chevenga nodding sagely after having lived through the events of asa kraiya. "Degree of disorientation, ohhhhhh yeah.")

What happened to this site, why it was down so long and... an Alexander invitation

OHHH THIS FEELS SO GOOD... to be logged on, to have control over this site again, to have zotted a whack of spam comments, to be posting a blogpost!

All I could do in that dead time, was make anonymous comments, and so I did a couple explaining what happened. (See here.) But without the "Recent comments" list, to your right, I imagine a lot of people didn't find them, and I could do not a thing about it.

So... here is what happened. And, further down, what's going to.

Whither Chevenga, Alexander... and Karen?

The purpose of this blogpost is dual. To let you know:

1) that I have not fallen off the face of the planet
2) what the heck is going on such that I haven’t started posting again.

What the heck is going on is that my inspiration for IA fled me after the Muskoka Novel Marathon in July, and remains in absentia. I’ll quote from an email I wrote to reader J, with enhancements to further clarify:

Writing linearly, and me

So you've kind of noticed that, unlike PA or ak, I'm all over the place with IA... inserting biggish hunks into the existing text, jumping ahead in the story to do a sequence at a Novel Marathon, saying I'm off to do research or straighten out my emotions, etc., etc. And possibly you are thinking, 'This way does not lend itself to weblit, at least the linear way you've been doing it, Karen."

So, confession time: this may seem hard to believe after the last five years, but -- I am not a linear writer.

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