Attention Patrons

I know often you just want to read and not comment, but I am curious as to whether the fluidly-shifting viewpoint in the last post of Tyromos worked for you.

Incidentally, I want to bring Tyromos out as an ebook. I haven't talked to Shirley about this yet but I can't imagine she wouldn't go along. I probably don't need to say it will have a flying scene on the cover. Maybe the two of them on the upper curve of a moyoshaushau (loop-de-loop), possibly flying united, if you catch my drift.

BTW, did you know the Mile High Club has its own website? In fact now it even has an instructional video which is priceless.

In other patron-specific news, I think for this month's premium content I will post some portion of what I wrote for the Novel Marathon, tentatively titled The Dawn-Flower Cave but with edits. For those who do not know, it is Artira's story. Concluding chapter of Tyromos coming.

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