Tourism of the Mind XVb - Okay *this* is the final Book I

One thing that happens when you do a whole series of book covers using at least one piece of software to which you are new is that after you've done four and a half of them and become accordingly better at it, you look back at the first one, compare it to subsequent ones, and go "Dang, Chevenga still has that plasticky-skinned DAZ-figure look, I know how to get rid of that easily now... why am I not doing it?"

Because I had made several modifications to his face, I didn't want to replace it, so I just did the body replacement and used the old face. Meaning the old face had that plasticky look. Fortunately, in a face that has a lot of shadow on it, that's easy to fix... you just add a little colour. Those two points of red he's always talking about, there you go. I also redid the title type as it was too pixelly for some reason.

For comparison purposes:

Another little difference... it's mostly obscured by the title, but in the new version you can see it in the "O" in "MOTHER"--he has a navel. I forgot that last time. Which was, of course, a continuity error. Yes, Chevenga is amazing, but nowhere have I indicated that he was immaculately conceived.

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27 Jul02:41

Wow- little differences, but

By SavageKitsune

Wow- little differences, but the entire effect is a dramatic improvement. It looked great before- now it looks FABULOUSLY great.

27 Jul17:37

Thank you very much SK

By Karen

Making him look less plasticky was actually pretty easy -- I used a DAZ base figure with realistic skin for everything but his face. Oh and the belly-button factor... a setting in DAZ. So those little differences were really done in one shot. This is one reason why I love using a computer to do art.

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