Going back to every weekday

Yesterday during a session with my spirit guides (if that weirds you out, just call them the wiser part of my brain... they might be, for all I know), I got an incredible revelation about my writing, by which I mean my source of inspiration and my whole motivation for doing it, and how that relates how I have done it or more precisely how I have presented it.

I don't want to give details as it's all rather personal, but one thing this did imbue me with was the git-'er-done urge with respect to PA, which actually isn't that far away from its end, which is to say, leading into ak.

It occurred to me also with four book covers complete (well, almost), and putting out e-books even as often as three months apart, that's a year-long stock of book covers I've got without having to lift my tablet-pen.

A third factor is that I signed up to participate in WeSeWriMo. Setting the first goal of 3x per week posts as usual at 1K or so, I was struck by how lame a number of words - 14K - that adds up to. I used to write closer to 50K in a month... sigh.

But most of all, it's been bugging me to only post Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. It's not enough creative writing. (Not to say I don't love doing book covers, but it's not the same... besides I'll run out of book covers before I run out of writing.) I feel like I lose the thread of the story between posting days, feel like I'm not in it as much as I'd like, don't have the fun of the daily midnight deadline. I also know that if I post more, you read and comment and interact with me more (not to say that there haven't been lots of comments on the covers, which I appreciate).

So... I will say, as soon as I really am finished the Book IV cover, I'm going back to weekday posting, with statutory holidays (e.g. next Monday, Aug. 6) off. I'll let you know exactly when. I am not sure whether I am going to take an August hiatus or not, but of course I'll let you know as usual.

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