Tourism of the Mind XVII - bit of Book 5

A little C-candy while you're waiting for the rest of 739... originally for Book 5 I was imagining a shot of C and those closest to him on mamoka-back, pre-battle, standing staring at you, looking very impressive and united... then decided that would be too static, that I needed folks in action.

Looking through I realized there aren't that many battles in Book V... but the Battle of Roskat is there, and in it, Chevenga is using an alat on mamoka-back at the start. So here he is, readying to throw and ordering "Charge!" at the same time.

Pure DAZ, no painting at all, which is why the alat and bolt look like two of the magical staffs offered as DAZ presets (they are). I will fix that. I also might not keep the attire he's got, if I decide it's no good for building up his armour from.

But look at the shadowing--not just on his chest where it needs changing, but elsewhere as well, under his chin, on his right wrist, under the bottom edges of his shorts, etc. I didn't paint any of that. Now that I've learned well enough how to do lighting, DAZ does shadows automatically. Another reason why I love this software.

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30 Aug21:22

yay now I can see it! And

By capriox

yay now I can see it! And wow, all that auto-shading is gonna save you a crapload of painting time, I imagine. I told ya the covers would get faster/easier to do as you got the hang of it ;D

Very dramatic, looking forward to the pretty version.

30 Aug21:42

Missed you, cap!

By Karen

I knew it would get faster/easier... what happens, however as my DAZ skills increase, is that I give myself gnarlier challenges. This cover, for instance, is going to have a whack of other figures in it--the battle in the background--plus mamokal, as many as I can realistically fit in.

Thanks, dramatic is what I was going for. It'll be a while before I finish it, though, because I've dedicated my time to writing again. Git 'er done urge has not gone away.

30 Aug16:04

I can't see the piccy =(

By capriox

I can't see the piccy =(

30 Aug16:05

D'oh! Neither can I!//// Fixed

By Karen

Let me know if it's *still* not visible for some reason.

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