Casting candy

In my dreams, the Chevenga books get made into movies. Meanwhile, we play with casting them.

For years I have been frustrated never to find an actor I felt would do a good enough Chevenga... but it seems I've found one who's close appearance-wise at least.

So here's Henry Cavill, with photoshopping on my part that I confined to only what the make-up, hair and wardrobe departments would be able to do:


[Original movie still here.] This would have to be during the Arkan war, when he's not in the clutches of Skorsas, who would die before letting him be seen in public unshaven.

I have not seen Immortals or any of Henry Cavill's other movies, but apparently he can do fights. And he's got the bod... though he may have to lose some bulk to play Chevenga after playing this guy. I wish I could find a pic of him with an expression similar to the neutral but intense one Chevenga's wearing. Actually there's one that's sort of like it here, along with more shots of him in action.

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03 Sep18:25


By Anonymous

Oh yeah, I think you have a match there.

03 Sep22:03

I might Chevengify more Henry pics

By Karen

...maybe even use on book covers, though of course I have to modify well. The only problem is, I'd love to use sword-fighting ones (well, not on book covers, as I'd have to get permission for that) but he never seems to have quite the right expression on his face. Chevenga usually fights either calm or smiling, whereas in Immortals Cavill was playing a guy motivated by rage, so he usually has berserker expressions in fighting shots. I'm sure he could put on the right look, but for that movie he wasn't supposed to.

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