Easily erected, high penetration

Shirley and I worked yesterday and today on the next chapter of Tyromos, coming soon to the premium content section of a website near you now up. This story features one a-folkarig scene. For those who do not know, this is a Niah term meaning, literally, "clouds and rain," and colloquially, "sex while flying a double-wing."

In unrelated news, access to premium content is only $4 per month.

With the notion of that activity on my mind, I once again investigated via Google for mentions in the real world.

This time I turned up a theoretical piece written by a worthy of the British Hang Gliding Society, replete with humour in the dry British vein. Despite its unthinkingly hetero approach, it's quite interesting, but two paragraphs far outshine all the rest, and I've essentially created this blogpost for the sole purpose of quoting them.

It goes without saying that the wing should be strong, have good handling qualities, be easily erected, capable of a smooth take-off, able to stay up for long periods of time, have high penetration, cope easily with turbulence, maintain height, and when it is all over, be capable of a landing without crashing.

These qualities are also necessary in the man.

But (as a bonus) I also turned up a less hetero-oriented account which I actually don't believe, but which I quote in part for reasons that should be obvious:

Blaustein, ever the jokester, spoke excitedly of "Throwing coition to the wind" and off they went.

Please leave your groans in the comment section.

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