Former AN: Chevenga’s visit to Avritha

As a result of GV flailing and crying "Foul! Too summary!" on Post 792, and another commenter saying they would want to read more detail—which can be interpreted to mean many more readers would like same but aren’t saying so—I did an IM planning session with Shirley. As well as some edits to correct a canon error in the post, the upshot is that we are indeed going to write it. In fact, as a result of some idea-bashing, we are going to add more characters and more... ehh, let’s just say, tension. (Me to Shirley: "Oh, this could be such a fix that C has to dipsy doodle his way out of.")

The plan is now to RP it with the one person who has so far volunteered, on Dec. 18. We could use one other but it's not crucial. I will write my version, from Chevenga's point of view, shortly after that, and post it here. Shirley will write her version, from Avritha's point of view, sometime later, I cannot say when.

Update: We didn't manage to complete the RP, and we are not rushing it now due to health issues. Stay tuned...

Update 02: [Apr 18, 2015] This is probably never going to happen now, as Shirley's and my partnership in writing is a thing of the past.

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