Other pov's right from the start?

Loyal ravenous horde:

(You're a bit small for a horde. But ravenous.)

I am considering doing rewrites on the first part of PA specifically to add other points of view, starting much earlier than I do currently.

So for instance, there'd be stuff about Niku in childhood, Skorsas in childhood, Intharas earlier on in his career as High Editor, Kaninjer as a med student, etc.

What do you think? Take the poll! And comment below.

Update: more thoughts:

Niku - perhaps the childhood episode when her brother "jokingly" abandons her on an island and leaves her there without water for hours... age four...

Intharas - an entry in his journal about the state of affairs in Arko under a relatively new Kurkas. He is high editor already.

Kaninjer - his childhood mishap with fire-coral that inspires him to become a healer

Skorsas - the nasty beginning of his pleasure-boy career. (Already written!)

Kallijas - early promise as a war-student: Adamas saying he could be one of the all-time greats

More ideas welcome!

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19 Aug09:40

Re: other perspectives

By Michael S. S. T...

I think such past interludes would be better off as premium content.

The problem is that Philosopher in Arms and asa kraiya are Chevenga's story, and the other points of view currently exclusively revolve around him. The other characters' stories are not relevant to his until they become so, and those points are already covered in story.

Now, if you wanted to do a whole series of different books, which all eventually coalesce into PA/ak, then that's a thing that can happen. But to my mind they'd be separate projects.

19 Aug12:15

I'm with this person

By Anonymous

The viewpoints you have at the moment are not relevant to the early chapters of PA.
Maybe Komona, Karani(sp? Chevenga's blood mother), Sukala, Mana, Astyardk's father (or whoever it was he did his Lakan stint under) etc would all make more sense.

I'm actually not fond of the idea that you are doing another rewrite. The early chapters do have their problems which could be fixed, but then you risk changing lots and lots of things... I guess I want to read more other works from you, rather than the one huge story again, even though I know it would be a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

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