Most public sex scene ever: whose point of view should I use?

Dear Ravenous Horde:

Some months ago an anonymous commenter complained that the second instance of Imperator and Imperatrix Chevenga and Niku performing the act of public copulation that Arkan tradition requires on the Diem of Carnal Licentiousness every leap year, covered summarily in asa kraiya Post 062, seemed too mundane and chore-like.

Analyzing the situation, I realized that I had written it short mostly so as not to be repetitive, since it was the second time... but then, reading back, I found that the first time had been described in a mere three paragraphs and journalistically, thus, perforce, externally, in Philosopher in Arms Post 596.

I had passed up the opportunity to describe in detail, from the viewpoint of one of the participants him or herself, the most gloriously exhibitionist sex scene imaginable, not to mention convey fully the utter personality change that the entire Arkan culture undergoes during Jitzmitthra and especially on this particular four-year-only day.

I therefore promised to take that opportunity after all, adding it somewhere into the text.

But I face a dilemma.

Should the luscious, lascivious description come from the pen of Niku, writing to either a salivating Piatsri or a salivating Merao in the steamiest letter ever?

Or should it be part of Chevenga's vast memoir, hidden until the Chevengani Mental State Assessment Committee gets hold of it (see, their job isn't all bad)?

My own vote is for Niku, since, as far as I recall, I have never described the pair making love from her point of view before, whereas I have from Chevenga's (the "Marry me!" scene springs to mind).

But that's just my vote. Take the poll and I'll go with the majority.

Semana kra.

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28 Sep11:21


By Anonymous

I think the main narration from Niku's point of view is a great idea, but with extra commentary from others, since it is public.

Possible candidates: Skorsas, Intharas, Minis in his writer's disguise, random letters to one of the spawn-presses

28 Sep11:59

One play-by-play person

By Karen

...and several colour commentators, got it.

(You don't ask for much, do you?!!?)

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