...the rest of it. Beginning, plus connective material between asa kraiya and Anardika here.



There’s only one way to get into the greatest school of generalship in the Fifth Millennium world…


Her blood-mother died by her own hand. At heart, she feels she has a brilliant strategic mind, but her shadow-mother and her two shadow-sibs laugh at her ambitions and say she’s only good for farm-work.

If she goes back home a loser, it’ll be the final proof that she has no talent, only pretensions.


He was working his way up the ranks of the Yeoli army quickly, until he got busted down as a result of his own obsessive envy. “A fine commander,” his military record reads, “as long as he doesn’t have Fourth Chevenga Shae-Arano-e under his command.” As if that could ever happen.

Guess who decides, on a whim, to show up.


Forbidden by Arkan law to command more than a hundred fellow solas for most of his career due to his caste, he is capable of much more. Now he’s free to pursue his dream of becoming a general… but he’s also alone among foreigners who hate his people for what they did as conquerors.

For political reasons, this year will be his only chance.

What do these three people have in common?

They all have to win…


A collaborative weblit novel of strategy, rivalry and loyalty by Karen Wehrstein and Shirley Meier. Forthcoming we know not when.



The unlikeliest pair in the post-tech world of the Fifth Millennium

HE is a paladin: a brilliant young champion of war, impeccable in character. But he has lost the duel of his life, is forsaken as a loser and a traitor by his home empire, and is separated from the man he loves… the man who defeated him, and might well go on to destroy that empire. Torn and despairing, he is considering ending it all.

SHE is an iconoclast: an elderly, eccentric sage living in a cave on a barren mountain slope, kept in food by local people and pilgrims alike who appreciate her uttered jewels of wisdom—or is it madness? Either way, she seems to have learned the secret of absolutely unshakable happiness, and all who speak with her come away somehow changed.

He needs living space. She needs a guy to do chores.

Maybe he’ll learn something.

Maybe they both will.

A collaborative weblit novel of love and enlightenment
by Shirley Meier and Karen Wehrstein

WE BEGAN LIVEWRITING this book during Muskoka Novel Marathon 2010, July 16-19 and continued through Muskoka Novel Marathon 2011, July 15-18, on Google Docs.

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02 Dec18:50


By Annabanana

More deliciousness in the works?

03 Dec10:42

Well, Shirley's & my relationship

By Karen evolving too, and we might be going off more in our own directions, though I have no plans to abandon Chevenga. But for sure you should expect to see The Fool on the Mountain and The Games completed, because both of them are more than half completed already. I can't tell you when, however.

Update, Oct. 12, 2014: I have abandoned Chevenga at least for now so as to write I, Alexander.

14 Mar13:58


By Anonymous

I would love to read these stories. =)


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