darya semanakraseyeni

"You are the wind beneath my moyawa..." Acknowledgment to the people who have helped with my writing and still do.

Critique, support and encouragement, going way back:

Natalie Walker (high school teacher who told me my writing would see print someday)

S.M. Stirling (the first person I ever met who was into writing as much as I was. BRO! Hey, Steve: one, two, three -- "More... smells!")

The Bunch of Seven: Steve, Shirley Meier, Louise Hypher, Tanya Huff, Fiona Patton, Marion Hughes, Mike Wallis, Terri Neal, Julie Czerneda, Stephanie Rendino, Lloyd Penney.

Bob Knowlton (for very expert encouragement)

Critique, support and encouragement, more recently:

Melissa Gold

Frequent commenters: You know who they are.

The WordSwap crew: Jenny Cressman, June Salmon, Alan and Doreen Pearson, Jodi Bartle, et al. Plus Lorraine of Soul Sistas for the awesome food.

Mega-donor: Terry Shaw

In Memoriam

I knew her only as a reader, who RT'd my posting tweets often and nominated me (and Shirley) for a Rose & Bay in 2010. She passed away after a long struggle with cancer in December 2010. Though our lives touched only a little, I will miss her.

Kyril Oakwind
Her occasional comments encouraged and uplifted me. All I know at this point is that she passed away March 9, 2013; see here.

The Ultimate Mega-Fan:

Jeyen Chevenga Barham-Kaiel (yes, that’s his real, legal name. See here.)


G. Veravenga, capriox, Michael S.S. Thedford, V, Shel, Christine, Sharpest_Asp, J, Athlynne.

Award-Worthy Patrons:

V (Rose and Bay Award, Best Patron 2011)
capriox (Nominated for the Best Patron Rosie in 2012)
Shel (Rose and Bay Award, Best Patron 2014)

Volunteer contributors:

Melissa Gold (Millennipedia)
Blue-Winged Coyote (fan art)
Larry Elmore (cover art adapted with permission)
Jeffrey Dow (Yeoli Pronunciation Guide - forthcoming)
Michael Thedford (vocal acting)
Eldoran (Chevengawiki)

Reader character creators:

V (Veresinga Shae-Rusha, introduced in Post 280)
Michael S.S. Thedford, aka Toast (Michela Thefora-e, introduced in Post 32; he also has made major contributions to Intharas Terren.)
Clare K. R. Miller (Klara Milera Aitza, introduced in Post 566.)

Former writing partner

...i.e., for much of the writing of this, she shared the world, contributed myriad ideas and role-played dialogues with me, as I did for her: Shirley Meier

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