Puzzle out this contraption of pleasure

This is a photograph of a chair identical to one found in the Marble Palace. Yeoli speculation is rife as to the precise purpose of the chair, though the Arkan term for it is best translated as 'multiple siege of coitus chair.’ Other terms translate as 'three-chair' or 'one, two, three,' implying use by one gentleman and two ladies.

But the technique of using this device is either a highly-guarded secret among Marble Palace denizens, else simply lost to the vicissitudes of confidentiality and time.

In what precise configuration, the intrigued scholar wonders, do the parties arrange themselves upon it?

We encourage all speculations, as the reader providing the most plausible solution will be covered with everlasting glory. Diagrams and photoshops are particularly welcomed.

(Original photo and article of the pre-Fire version of the chair here.)

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One of our dedicated scholars has provided a supplementary view of the item, and there, indeed, is the notch she alluded to. Perhaps this different angle furnishes further clues.

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28 Dec17:52

One apprentice midwife of my

By Anonymous

One apprentice midwife of my acquaintance opines that it might be a birthing chair. Two heel positions, one for use while resting between contractions, one for more active use. One user, two positions.

13 Oct15:25

sofa lady

By Anonymous

I am confused as how you would use this with 3 people? It looks absolutely interesting but I have no idea how anyone can comfortably sit on this. I do however like the old classic European look about it.

14 Oct00:43


By Anonymous

Well, I figure that sitting isn't quite what people do on this... Eye-wink

14 Oct06:37

No, not quite

By Karen

Because of where I am in the story (post 365) as I write this comment, I haven't mentioned Kurkas's hanging harness yet, have I? Oops, now I have.

30 Mar23:50

MeiLin is working on the set-up

By Karen

...for subscriber-only content.

I mention that in this context due to having come up with an idea for a bonus story in which a certain combination of characters you know and love are trying to puzzle out, in a rather more physical and less virtual way than we are, how to use the chair.

Will Kallijas just keep standing there, blushing... or be persuaded to join in?

You'll have to become a subscriber to find out.

31 Mar22:55

One method

By V

If you use points strictly for "status" instead of "number of posts, etc" just assign as many privilege levels as you'd like (say 100, 200, 300 points), then manually assign them to whatever users meet your criteria (subscribed at $X/month). I know she's already set up to handle "Only users of XX points/rank may access pages YY". Truly hackerproof? Probably not. If someone really wants to steal from you? Not gonna stop'm anyway.

31 Mar23:05

I see what you mean

By Karen

But I know she's setting something up of some sort, so we'll see what it looks like.

Nothing's truly hacker-proof. Nothing I know how to do, anyway. Thanks for the idea.

25 Mar11:11


By V

Arkan nobility is pretty fat. I think we can rule out anything athletic from the guy. Easiest would be to put a woman on the top pillow gyn table style with her legs wide across the horizontal bars/tongs...that allows the Imperator to settle into the lower stirrups and grasp the handles on the right for some strong pounding without fear of overbalancing himself.

If we're sure a second woman was involved, I'd propose to put her on the lower layer on her back with her head back between the foot stirrups. With the Imperator balanced she would be at a much lower risk of crushing death, probably enough to grab those horizontal bars and lift up her head/shoulders for some licking action on one or both of the others.

Alternatively, if he had the mobility he could go hi-lo and take the upper woman as described and a lower one doggy-style while he kneeled on the pad at the far left side, outside the stirrups. The tongs or front legs would make a good handle. The pad seems like it would be a bit low, tho, unless he had unnaturally-long thighs or the woman was less on her knees, more on her belly with her legs spread. The metal stirrups would be mighty chilly, too

26 Mar11:28


By Cat

If you do an image search you can get a 3/4 view of this chair that shows that the front of the top upholstery has a significant notch in it - perhaps to make room for the noble paunch, or perhaps to give access from underneath

My thought is that is just too athletic - man on his feet with two women set-up in front of him would be too much like excercise.

I think that the guy could be on his back on the chair - thighs wide-spread by the top stirrups while the first woman could be mounted on top and use the long arms to push off while humping, and the second person could follow V's hi-lo scenario and creep up from underneath to pleasure the other two.

Whaddya think?


26 Mar17:01

Quite plausible

By V

and I guess it would be foolish of me to ask if Imperators make for selfish lovers. I'm concerned about the stability and comfort of the chair with someone who is wide, heavy, or long, tho...wouldn't want to need to grease him up just to get him back out.

They might use it for seated positions now and then, but if it's a guy reclining I might expect a little more head or back support. Also--we really don't benefit all that much from spreading our legs as wide as those tongs suggest.

26 Mar12:11

Linky linky?

By Karen

I'll post it. We need all the copulatory-forensic clues we can get.

27 Mar00:41

The French are so elegant

By Karen

...in how they put it, "siege d'amour" or seat of love.

In English we'd call it the chair of strong pounding or the humping gizmo or the licking bench. Or perhaps the smegma-savouring sofa.

15 May23:22

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16 May00:25

Oh my. Look. We got the

By Anonymous

Oh my. Look. We got the entire spam 101 template this time!

That cracked me up, but I guess it's too long to leave up just for yuks.

16 May05:51

Unedited, yes.

By Karen


27 Mar13:50

*giggles* Licking Bench gets

By capriox

*giggles* Licking Bench gets my vote.

27 Mar00:52

And Google's claws run deep

By V

The most interesting find I had while researching this one was a (Warning: VERY NSFW!) Tantra Chair. Very intriguing nonetheless...

30 Mar21:48

Sex Museum

By Blue Coyote

There's a museum in Prague that has a whole 'nother one, different angle and different upholstery.
as well as many other NSFW eye-pooping contraptions... ah the interenet, is there anything you can't show us?

30 Mar23:03

Interesting... another difference

By Karen

...is that the foot stirrups don't have heel holders.

This site does posit a theory on use, however, and I quote: "Made in Paris around 1890, it passed through all the best broth­els of its time. One woman lay on the upper part and an­oth­er the lower while the man in­volved re­mained stand­ing – which seems like the po­lite thing to do – and ham­mered away at the re­sul­tant 4-​hole buf­fet. Po­si­tions could be changed or re­versed at the par­tic­i­pants plea­sure."

Not sure I buy that... seems a little athletic for corpulent King Bertie. And definitely Kurkas. But I also think he can't possibly have lain on the top seat, as the two armish appendages seem too close together for a fat king to fit between them.

More theories?

01 Apr21:33

Not that hard

By V

Both chairs have a distinct padded lower layer for the guy to drop to his knees and enjoy the treats of the lower bench.

Nifty site Smiling

25 Mar21:58

What I appreciate most, V

By Karen

is the degree of careful thought you put into your comments.

26 Mar17:02

Subject matter is everything

By V


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