Character chat this weekend

It's going to be four days without a post this coming weekend (I'm taking Good Friday and Easter Monday off) and, inside me, Chevenga is saying he'll be jonesing to be with readers. A while back I promised there'd be a PA-oriented Chevenga chat and that was, well, a while back.

As ever, you never know who else might show up. Maybe popular demand will wring an appearance out of Kaninjer? You never know.

Instructions on the chat page.

How is this Saturday, April 3, at 2 p.m. EDT for everyone? It'll be then unless I hear virtual howls of objection.

Note: this is likely to be the last free character chat. I'm going to set up a system for subscriber-only content, and character chats, bonus stories and all that cool stuff will go there.

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03 Apr08:33

I am thinking maybe I screwed up

By Karen

...holding a chat on Easter weekend when people are travelling, so if there aren't a lot of you we'll keep it short and do another one (that is still free) later, maybe next weekend.

02 Apr22:07


By Anonymous

I am probably not going to make it either!


30 Mar23:27


By Anonymous


Hey, you. Is it your birthday? Happy birthday, Karen! =D


P.S. I must have entered my e-mail address for this moniker incorrectly. Is that fixable?

30 Mar23:42

I think you have to try again

By Karen

Others have had problems, especially if they have more than one dot on either side of the @.

My birthday was yesterday (Mar. 29) but thank you for the good wishes!

30 Mar21:29

time story-wise

By Blue Coyote

Yay chat! What time will the chat be set story-wise? Will it be current with PA timeline, after AK, and where will it be? Oh-oh, I'll probly have time to come up with some good questions by then.

30 Mar23:06

PA timeline, as specifically requested by V

By Karen one who is holding off reading ak and so didn't participate in the ak chat. He's not the only one.

Where? Haven't decided yet. I'll let you know!

31 Mar20:37


By V

I'm on travel this (long, Easter, in the US) weekend but I'm game if I find a suitable computer Smiling

31 Mar21:05

Dang -- I was hoping to include you for sure

By Karen

What are the chances of finding a suitable computer?

31 Mar21:50

The parents have one

By V

so the odds are pretty good, I just have to learn how to do things Windows-style instead of intuitively Eye-wink And break away at 2.

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