The Chevengic-unequal-sex-inclination poll

I was meaning to change polls much earlier as this one got pretty stale, but what I tend to do is wait until they've plateau'd in voting, and this one would seem to plateau and then one more vote would come in. It went from 17... to 18... to 19... etc.

Anyway, now it's done, so let's review the results.

Despite Chevenga being a natural leader and having huge force of personality, so much that he is sometimes accused of being a control freak, none of you voters think he is a top.

However, four, or 19%, of you think, perhaps because semana kra runs so deep and manifests in so many other ways in his personality, that he's a bottom.

And yet Chevenga is ever adaptable, so eight or 39% of you think he's a switch, the vote-winning option.

Whaaaat? Three, or 14%, can't believe that a guy raised in such an egalitarian society, and so subscribing to those mores, would have anything but strictly-egalitarian sex.

Five honest souls, or 24%, voted to refrain from voting as they've read asa kraiya, thus know the answer and would be cheating. One of those was me, as that would have been super mega cheating.

Not one of you is prudish enough to have voted TMI, much to my relief.

And one or 5% voted "Other, detailed juicily in comment," but admitted in the comment that it really wasn't that juicy.

So -- as promised, I will not simply give the correct answer. We'll let things develop and you can see how it goes.

But if you really must know, and are prepared to skip deep into asa kraiya with all the major spoilage that entails, you may click here. This chapter not only reveals with certainty Chevenga's predilection, but, as a special bonus, explains why he has it.

Thank you for voting.

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14 May09:45

He's a bottom!

By RavenRux

My ex-wife used to call me an 'uppity bottom.' That's what I think he is. I've said it before, and this is just my opinion, that he is much like Alexander (sigh!) and has too much power at his command and wants to surrender it in some aspect of his life. He can't help it, he's just too realistic to be a top in these circumstances.


14 May10:53

You think Alexander was a bottom?

By Karen

I am curious to know why.

BTW, since you're an Alexander fan, you'll probably like hearing that I have an Alexander "autobiography" in the works. Probably I will post it online as I have PA & ak. Please don't ask me when, though.

14 May12:15

Yes, I do.

By Anonymous

Mostly because I believe Mary Renault does. You'd asked me about it once, and I found the relevant passages in "The Persian Boy" but I hadn't got around to quoting her yet.

I realized it's all speculation, even Renault's, but I don't see it's beyond reason.

I'd love to read it when you're done, but don't hurry on my behalf--I've got tons to do right now.


14 May17:56

Read the scenes you mean

By Karen

...and I've always interpreted them more to mean Bagoas misconstruing a relationship between equals as man/boy, because that's the only kind of relationship he understands. It's all based on the one gesture of Hephaistion holding Alexander's hair, which could be read as an affectionate move between equals, not dominating.

(Renault readers: it's the scene in which Bagoas just about has a heart attack thinking that Hephaistion is going to grab Alexander's hair and assassinate him, but then realizes that the two are lovers.)

It's funny, because now the part of that scene that jumps out to me most is Hephaistion saying to Alexander, "It took you long enough to learn Greek." Renault was going on the much-debated notion that Greek and Makedonian were a different language, which is based on a line or two in Arrian. But I've been there - to Vergina and other places in Makedonia, and it could only have been a dialect. I've read names on gravestones, inscriptions, etc. etc., and it's all Greek, not just the letters but the meanings of the roots of the names. There are a few other bullshit things that are screaming obvious if your eyes are open and you know anything when you're there, like the idea that the king's grave at Vergina is Philip's.

I'd say don't get me started but I already am so I'll stop now.

14 May20:33

You sound like me when I get

By RavenRux

You sound like me when I get going.

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