The Path Conceivers

Interacting with our readers so much, Shirley and I are at times bombarded with ideas from you all, such fecund minds you have--from stratagems for Chevenga to inventions for Diyadesai to weird new species to plot suggestions astute enough to use.

So I'm opening up this forum topic as a scribble-board for your ideas. By having them all in one place, cross-pollination and springboarding are possible, you all get the fun of seeing them all, and it makes it really easy and convenient for us to steal them.

So--fire away.

The forum title, by the way, comes from a development in PA that has not yet occurred and so remains in the domain of the path unconceived for now, though I suspect it will happen fairly soon. The embryo of it is gestating in Chevenga's army.

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11 Jan20:15

Flappers or Flyzards

By Shirley

A greenish pink lizard with frills and fangs. The fangs are fragile and often break off in the bite and are re-grown.

Their ribs flatten out and they sort of glide/undulate through the air rather than fly. Their favourite foods are the big moths in Central Arko and the crunchy flying beetles.

They will eat shreds of meat and crickets as well.

11 Jan20:16

Could a flyzard take a wing-cat

By Karen

...or vice-versa?

Makes me wonder what the Arkan version of cockfights is. (You just know they would.)

11 Jan20:18

I think

By Shirley

... a wingcat would take a flyzard because it is closer to really flying with those forelimbs as wings.

But then the wingcat might die later from the septic lizard bite full of bits of fang...

A lose-lose senario.

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