Should Chevenga throw off those Yeoli restrictions and set out to conquer the world?

11 May22:41

I voted no, mostly because of

By capriox

I voted no, mostly because of the Chevenga-guilt factor. That boy sure knows how to wallow in angst!!! Eye-wink

11 May23:23

That gave me an idea for a cartoon

By Karen

Great huge throne, about three miles high, with "King of the World" emblazoned on its back. Chevenga perched atop it, doubled over, clenching his forelock and going "AAAAIIIIIGGGGHH!"

12 May00:10

Oh man

By Shirley

I'd love to see that. Of course, in your copious free time... Eye-wink

12 May23:16

Who needs to bother with a Bat-signal?

By V

A big Blue searchlight might do the trick!

12 May23:44

Problem with that is

By Karen

...her employer is working her like a dog with overtime, week in week out. Great for money, not so great for spare time.

13 May08:38

That's the dilemma

By V

with being good at your job Sad

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