Which social reform would you most like to see in Arko?

18 May21:39


By Blue Coyote

Literacy is what will bring about many of the others... but there is only one for women's literacy, what about Okas? Aren't they also forbidden it? And while as a female I am completely horrified and disgusted by the so-called "purification" my soul cries out for anyone starved of a life of the mind, I read every day, I have difficulty imagining not be able to read (though I remember as a child with dyslexia learning to read and write was a struggle... did you ever notice dbqp are all the same letter rotated?)

18 May23:41


By Clare K. R. Miller

That's why I voted for literacy; I think it will bring about some of the other reforms, at the very least women's spirituality.

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