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The defining difference between weblit and deadtreelit (aside from the amount of money that does not change hands in weblit) is the availability of immediate interaction between writer and readers. It’s worse even than you might think with deadtreelit, because, as a writer, you not only don’t get reader feedback until you finish writing the book, but, because of publishing schedules, you don’t get reader feedback until a good year after you finish writing the book.

On the creation of Kef & Ser

Shirley came up with the premise on Friday [March 5, 2010] or perhaps Thursday, and told me about it: you have two road Sereniteers – basically rural cops – in the Empire of Arko in the Fifth Millennium world. It’s post-conquest, however, and they are a mixed pair, an Arkan man who’s a veteran, grizzled and jaded, and a younger Yeoli woman who is relatively new to police work, holds idealistic views of law enforcement and is utterly upright, honest almost to a fault. Physically, she can kick his butt, and she’s the senior partner, in command.



...the rest of it. Beginning, plus connective material between asa kraiya and Anardika here.



There’s only one way to get into the greatest school of generalship in the Fifth Millennium world…


“A splendid fantasy story

...about leadership, war, loyalty … and the meaning of life.”

Author of Lion’s Heart and Lion’s Soul (Baen Books)
Co-author of Shadow’s Son (with S.M. Stirling and Shirley Meier)

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