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Update: D'oh! I can only have one poll up at once!? Well, I'll bring the coolest weird species one back once I've got a good enough sense from the patron fee one. Sorry about that.

This evening, MeiLin completed the process allowing me to post material to the site that is only available to paying customers.

The Chevengic-unequal-sex-inclination poll

I was meaning to change polls much earlier as this one got pretty stale, but what I tend to do is wait until they've plateau'd in voting, and this one would seem to plateau and then one more vote would come in. It went from 17... to 18... to 19... etc.

Anyway, now it's done, so let's review the results.

Despite Chevenga being a natural leader and having huge force of personality, so much that he is sometimes accused of being a control freak, none of you voters think he is a top.

Character chat this weekend

It's going to be four days without a post this coming weekend (I'm taking Good Friday and Easter Monday off) and, inside me, Chevenga is saying he'll be jonesing to be with readers. A while back I promised there'd be a PA-oriented Chevenga chat and that was, well, a while back.

As ever, you never know who else might show up. Maybe popular demand will wring an appearance out of Kaninjer? You never know.

Instructions on the chat page.

The music behind Chevenga

In case you wonder what I listen to when I write—because I have to listen to something—it’s an eclectic mix of new age, fusion, jazz, world, electronic, progressive rock and the odd movie score. I tend to avoid anything with lyrics unless I’m familiar enough with them that I don’t hear them, or they’re in a language I don’t understand. Otherwise the words interfere with my words. I go for variety.



...the rest of it. Beginning, plus connective material between asa kraiya and Anardika here.



There’s only one way to get into the greatest school of generalship in the Fifth Millennium world…


“A splendid fantasy story

...about leadership, war, loyalty … and the meaning of life.”

Author of Lion’s Heart and Lion’s Soul (Baen Books)
Co-author of Shadow’s Son (with S.M. Stirling and Shirley Meier)

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