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Story039 - The most absurd, ridiculous, you’d-have-to-be-out-of-your-mind possibility Karen106 days 41 min ago
Book pageEpilogue - Your time will come too Karen06 days 7 hours ago
Book page10 - The Temple of Melkarth Karen06 days 23 hours ago
Book page09 - A battle of minds Karen06 days 23 hours ago
Book page07 - A single great sea-creature with men for its flesh Karen06 days 23 hours ago
Book page06 - Does Achilles ever get peace? Karen01 week 2 min ago
Book page05 - The Tyrian victory song Karen01 week 18 min ago
Book page04 : Only one way to find out Karen01 week 32 min ago
Book page820 - We are One Karen61 week 5 days ago
Book page816 - Our greatest strength comes by love Karen42 weeks 7 hours ago
Book page814 - The heart loves to feel compassion more than contempt Karen32 weeks 7 hours ago
Book page815 - Is it possible for mortals to manumit Gods? Karen82 weeks 7 hours ago
Book page818 - The sphere the Gods made through my hands Karen42 weeks 1 day ago
Book page772 - We have lost so much Karen32 weeks 6 days ago
Story138 - A vessel for the noblest virtues Karen23 weeks 5 days ago
Book page721 - You can’t be me Karen33 weeks 5 days ago
Story169 - The table in the oubliette Karen24 weeks 5 days ago
Story168 - So ends Shefen-kas's story (the Arkan chapter) Karen24 weeks 5 days ago
Story165 - A lesson of life Karen04 weeks 5 days ago
Story164 - No shame lies with me Karen14 weeks 5 days ago
Story161 - Only by being the other Karen24 weeks 5 days ago

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